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Frame Your Face with Luxury at Junction Optometrists

Discover luxury eyewear in Toronto with our exclusive designer frame collection featuring brands like Etnia Barcelona, Adidas, Burberry, Coach, Gucci, Fendi, Maui Jim, Tom Ford, and more.

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Sunglasses Collection

Discover Designer Eyeglasses in Toronto

Our collection caters to diverse tastes and styles, ensuring everyone can find a piece that speaks to their individuality. Whether you're looking for the timeless elegance of classic designs or the bold statements of modern artistry, our designer eyewear offers the perfect blend of fashion and function.

From luxury brands to exclusive niche designers, explore our diverse range of designer frames to discover your next statement piece.

Adidas in Toronto, Ontario

Adidas eyewear is designed with and for top athletes as an essential piece of sports equipment. They blend cutting-edge lens technology and durable materials to provide perfect vision, superior protection, and an unbeatable fit.

Bebe in Toronto, Ontario

Bebe eyewear encapsulates the essence of the fashion-forward, sophisticated woman with its hip, chic, and playful designs. Each piece is crafted to accentuate the modern woman's style, making Bebe eyewear a statement of personal style and attitude.

Burberry in Toronto, Ontario

Founded in 1856, this iconic brand has evolved from a single Basingstoke store to a global luxury fashion house. Today, Burberry offers eyewear embodying the brand's rich heritage and modern elegance, which is celebrated globally.

Carrera in Toronto, Ontario

Since 1956, Carrera has channelled the exhilaration of racing into its eyewear. Known for its blend of performance and style, the brand's eyewear sets fashion trends with bold styles and colours, reflecting the wearer's individuality through timeless designs.

Chloé in Toronto, Ontario

Inspired by the vibrant energy of Paris, Chloé's eyewear merges classic aesthetics with a fresh, contemporary edge. The collection stands out for its unique use of colour and texture, blending soft lines with oversized shapes to craft elegant eyewear.

Cole Haan in Toronto, Ontario
Cole Haan

Cole Haan Eyewear blends style with modern flair, focusing on clean designs that prioritize form and function. This collection is for those who seek simple elegance, capturing a timeless appeal rather than fleeting trends, appealing to artistic and free-spirited individuals.

Coach in Toronto, Ontario

Coach’s eyewear merges quality, craftsmanship, and modern design with innovative materials and techniques. The collection features diverse shapes like round, cat-eyed, and oversized frames, utilizing custom acetates and high-definition finishes.

Dolce & Gabbana in Toronto, Ontario
Dolce & Gabbana

Founded by Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, Dolce & Gabbana's eyewear collection blends raw energy, luxury, and sensuality with a modern aesthetic, appealing to a youthful, fashion-forward audience with its vibrant colours and contemporary designs.

Fendi in Toronto, Ontario

Embodying the essence of Italian luxury, Fendi eyewear mirrors the brand's elegance and avant-garde design hallmark. The collection showcases this heritage through sophisticated designs, innovative material combinations, and vibrant colour contrasts.

Gucci in Toronto, Ontario

Founded in 1921, Gucci swiftly ascended to the pinnacle of luxury. Catering to men and women, Gucci eyewear combines traditional Italian craftsmanship with contemporary style to incorporate signature elements like bamboo and the horsebit into the designs.

Kate Spade in Toronto, Ontario
Etnia Barcelona

Etnia Barcelona is renowned for its high-quality, artisan eyewear that combines bold designs with a vibrant colour palette. Each collection showcases the brand's passion for art, culture, and creativity, offering eyewear that's a statement of individual style.

Maui Jim in Toronto, Ontario

Maui Jim

Born on the sunny beaches of Lahaina, Hawaii, Maui Jim has risen from a modest beachside vendor to the world’s fastest-growing maker of premium polarized sunglasses. The brand now also offers specialized sports sunwear.

Marc by Marc Jacobs in Toronto, Ontario
Marc by Marc Jacobs

Designed for the style-savvy and budget-conscious, Marc by Marc Jacobs caters to those craving quality with a touch of iconic flair. It offers eyewear that mirrors the brand's playful, fashion-forward approach with unique shapes, prints, and colours.

Michael Kors in Toronto, Ontario
Michael Kors

Michael Kors, renowned for blending iconic Hollywood designs with classic styles, offers eyeglasses catering to various personal tastes. Today, the brand is celebrated for its men’s and women’s sunglasses, featuring aviators and chic oversized models,

OGA in Toronto, Ontario

Emphasizing comfort and quality, ÖGA frames embody a minimalist philosophy where every detail serves a purpose. Targeted at the modern man, ÖGA combines innovative materials and techniques to offer a simple and functional collection.

Ray-Ban in Toronto, Ontario

Ray-Ban initially catered to the U.S. Army Air Corps, creating sunglasses for aviators. 1952, the brand introduced the "Wayfarer" model, gaining instant popularity. Today, Ray-Ban continues to charm with classic Aviator and Wayfarer models.

Salvatore Ferragamo in Toronto, Ontario
Salvatore Ferragamo

Since the early 1900s, Salvatore Ferragamo has risen to global fame as a hallmark of Italian luxury. The brand's designer eyewear collection distinguishes itself through innovative material use, distinctive colour palettes, and detailing, staying true to its high-fashion roots.

Tom Ford in West Toronto, Ontario
Tom Ford

The Tom Ford brand is synonymous with opulence and high-end allure. Each piece reflects attention to detail, seamlessly blending modernity with timeless elegance. With handpicked colours and unique accents, Tom Ford eyewear stands out for its bold, distinctive edge.

Vogue in Toronto, Ontario

Vogue eyewear mirrors the prestige and style of its namesake fashion magazine. Its collection offers a bold statement, featuring unique designs, vibrant colours, and daring shapes. These frames transform everyday glasses into a statement of fashion-forward elegance.

Polo Ralph Lauren in Toronto, Ontario
Polo Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren has evolved into a symbol of American style. The brand's eyewear blends timeless designs with modern sensibilities, offering everything from slim, delicate frames to bold, vintage styles, catering to a diverse audience seeking sophistication and style.

Versace in Toronto, Ontario

The Versace eyewear line, known for the Medusa logo symbolizing seduction and elegance, offers various sunglass and optical frames. Catering to a diverse audience, its styles and colours appeal to celebrities and fashion enthusiasts.

Nike Eyewear in Toronto, Ontario
Nike Eyewear

As the world's leading athletic brand, Nike sets the benchmark for inspiring athletes globally. With offerings for men, women, and children in prescription and non-prescription options, Nike eyewear blends functionality with style.

Mont Blanc in Toronto, Ontario

Montblanc creates luxurious eyewear that transcends mere function to become cherished artefacts. Each piece tells a tale of refined creation and classic elegance. The collection combines traditional and modern designs, embodying culture with an eye for detail.

Jimmy Choo in Toronto, Ontario
Jimmy Choo

Since 1996, Jimmy Choo has catered to the elite. Embracing metal and acetate frames in vibrant colours and details, the brand captures the essence of luxury, glamour, and versatility, showcasing contemporary designs and sophisticated aesthetics.